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Roehampton University London Stravinsky the Global Dancer: A Chronology of Choreography to the Music of Igor Stravinsky
» Compiled by Stephanie Jordan and Larraine Nicholas

Welcome to the Stravinsky database!

Database Statistics:
Number of Musical Compositions: 99
Number of Dances: 1252
Number of Choreographers: 703

Stravinsky the Global Dancer, a project of Roehampton's Centre for Dance Research, is a record of potentially all the dances to the music of this seminal dance composer. You will find here a range of short listings and full record listings. There is also an Introduction to the project and a guide to its methodology.

For an analytical article interpreting the database, see Stephanie Jordan's 'The Demons in a Database: Interrogating Stravinsky the Global Dancer' in Dance Research, vol. 22, no. 1, 2004, pp.57-83.

Please note that, since the intensive period of the project was completed in December 2002, we have not been able to systematically collect and record data for works premiered after that date. However, we are always glad to receive details of exciting new works and to add them to the database on receipt of firm data evidence.


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