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Roehampton University London Stravinsky the Global Dancer: A Chronology of Choreography to the Music of Igor Stravinsky
Dance Record.

* - partial use of score.
† - musical collage.

Premiere Year 1943 
Dance Capricci alla Stravinsky† 
Choreographer Aurel Milloss  1906 - 1988 
Music Suite No. 1  1925  First Performance: 2 March 1926, Haarlem 
for small orchestra  Length of score: 7'
Suite No. 2  1915 - 21  First Performance: 25 November 1925, Frankfurt-am-Main 
for small orchestra  Length of score: 5'
Design Toti Scialoja 
Company Teatro Reale dell'Opera Ballet  
First Performance 30 April 1943  Teatro delle Arti, Rome, Italy 
Conductor F. Capuana 
Principal Dancers Aurel Milloss (The Conductor), Lia Dell'Ara (La Maîtresse) 
Note For ensemble, an ironic ballet 'conducted' by an electric ring master who is 'switched' on by a ballerina at the beginning, then off, and carried offstage inert at the end. The scenario was inspired by Stravinsky's fantasy about Diaghilev as ringmaster when creating the Polka used here (see Stravinsky's Chroniques de ma vie). Revivals, Rome (1944), Rio de Janeiro (1954), Palermo (1959). 


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