(169 NTtri) Neotullbergia tricuspis (Borner 1902)

    *laingi Bagnall, 1936

Members of the genus Neotullbergia have very distinctive anal spines that bear prominent lateral projections. The structure of these spines is at present, the only way to separate UK/Eire species. In Neotullbergia tricuspis the two anal spines are long with a prominent spine on the inner AND outer side of each (Fig. 1).
Neotullbergia tricuspis was described by Börner (1902). There are no specimens labelled tricuspis in the NHML slide collection. However, there are two slides collected by Bagnall of Neotullbergia 'laingi' from E. Yorks. which he described as a new species in 1936 (one of these is labelled 'TYPE'). Unfortunately they are in very bad condition. Nevertheless, the anal spines are clear enough to allow one to conclude that 'laingi' is definitely not crassicuspis or ramicuspis.
 Other authors have regarded laingi as a junior synonym of tricuspis (accepted here for the moment) but it is possible that it is a good species. Fresh specimens are needed to resolve the issue.




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