(180 CYalb) Cyphoderus albinus (Nicolet 1842)

Cyphoderus albinus is a common species which is always found in the company of ants. It appears to be widespread, although there are no records from western Ireland or northern Scotland. The mucro is highly distinctive (Fig. 1). All the specimens labelled Cyphoderus albinus in the NHML collection were of this species. However, the mucro of all specimens should be checked as some of the literature records could be for the closely-related Cyphoderus bidenticulatus which has an extra 'tooth' on the mucro.





Fig. 1: Tip of the furca of Cyphoderus albinus collected from an ant nest in Newquay, Cornwall in March 1951 by T. Clay. The tip of the mucro has two teeth (*).

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