(184.5 ENhan) Entomobrya handschini Stach, 1922

There is a single specimen of Entomobrya handschini of 1.6 mm in length in the NHML collection. It is in rather poor condition and was collected by Peter Lawrence from 'lichen' at Lakenheath, Suffolk in March 1964. The distribution of pigment on the dorsal surface (Fig. 1) fits Gisin (1960 Fig. 403) and Stach (1963 Plate 14 Fig. 2). The thin, longitudinal unbroken stripe of pigment positioned centrally on the dorsal side of the thorax and abdomen is distinctive.


However, in August 2007 this specimen was examined by Rafael Jordana (University of Navarra, Spain) who considers that this specimen is not E. handschini either in colour pattern or chaetotaxy - it is closer to Entomobrya quinquefasciata (not on the UK list) but is a new species.  Baqero & Jordana (2008) redescribed Entomobrya quinqefasciata as 4 species, of which this solitary specimen became the new species Entomobrya lawrencei.  Since this is the only UK record, Entomobrya handshini does not belong on the UK species list, and the site needs to be re-sampled (having first be relocated) to collect more specimens for confirmation of identity.





Fig. 1: Entomobrya handschini collected from Lakenheath, Suffolk in March 1964 by Peter Lawrence.


Redescription of Entomobrya quinquelineata Börner, 1901(Collembola: Entomobryidae) and description of three new species
Zootaxa 1821: 1-12 (2008)

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