(184ENcor) Entomobrya corticalis (Nicolet 1841)

There are two specimens of Entomobrya corticalis of 1.4 mm in length in the NHML collection. They were mounted by Peter Lawrence and were found under bark in Silwood Park, Ascot in 1956. The distribution of pigment on the dorsal surface of these specimens (e.g. Fig. 1) is exactly as that pictured by Gisin (1960 Fig. 409) and Stach (1963 Plate 18). Entomobrya corticalis has also been found by Harold Gough (1969) in bracket fungus on a tree trunk on the North Downs in Kent near Stanstead. The most recent record is of specimens collected by Peter Shaw from West Thurrock on the north bank of the River Thames in London.





Fig. 1: Entomobrya corticalis collected from Silwood Park, Ascot in May 1956 by Peter Lawrence.

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