(187ENmar) Entomobrya marginata (Tullberg, 1871)

There are a few scattered records of Entomobrya marginata in the literature although there are no specimens of this species in the NHML slide collection. South (1961) said 'there is considerable confusion in the literature with regard to the identification of E. marginata. Brook (1884) describes it as a synonym of E. multifasciata and it seems probable that the British status of the species is doubtful'.
However, I (Peter Shaw) collected specimens from Tilbury (the red dot on the map) that fit the description of this species (Shaw 2003). The concentration of pigment along the margins of the body segments is distinctive. Although it is possible that Entomobrya marginata is a variety of another Entomobrya species, it would seem reasonable to include it on the checklist for the present.




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