(209 PSdob) Pseudosinella dobati (Gisin, 1966)

This is one of the UK's  few troglobite  Collembola (meaning that it is only found in caves, as opposed to troglophiles, which occur both inside and outside of caves).  On the basis of literature records, Pseudosinella dobati appears to be confined to caves in southwest England and south Wales where it has been found together with Pseudosinella immaculata. The most obvious difference between these two species is that the foot claw of Pseudosinella dobati is much stouter than that of Pseudosinella immaculata. However, the specimens of Pseudosinella dobati in the NHML slide collection that are in good enough condition to see the claws are all quite large (2.5 to 2.8 mm in length). It is possible that they may simply represent unusually big individuals of Pseudosinella immaculata with broad claws. There are other possible candidates for these specimens including Pseudosinella inflata. To resolve this matter, a series of specimens needs to be collected for detailed analysis of the chaetotaxy, and morphometrics of the claws.

The 3 other UK troglobite Collembola are Oligaphorura schoetti, Folsomia agrelli.and Disarrhopalites patrizii.




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