(244AXlit) Axelsonia littoralis (Moniez, 1890)

Axelsonia littoralis is a scarce littoral species that appears to be confined to sites below high water mark in Eire and S.E. England. The body is greyish blue in colour, the PAO is ABSENT and the eyes each have eight ocelli. The biggest specimen in the NHM (from Canvey Island) is 2.0 mm in length. The outer edge of the claw bears two long spines. The mucro is highly distinctive with three large apical teeth and two small basal teeth that are sometimes difficult to see (Fig. 1).




Fig. 1 : Mucro and dens of Axelsonia littoralis collected from Canvey Island in December 1937 by Bagnall. There are three prominent teeth on the end of the mucro. The two small basal teeth are more difficult to see.

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