(326PIbud) proisotoma buddenbrocki (Strenzke, 1954)

Proisotoma buddenbrocki was discovered as new to Britain on the shore of Loch Laidon by Nelson (1980). It is a small yellowish white species that reaches 0.7 mm in length. The eyes have 8+8 ocelli, the mucro has two teeth, the dens has five ventral setae and the ventral side of the manubrium bears 1+1 setae (Fig. 1). Abroad, this species has been found in the marine littoral zone so it could turn up in many more localities.



Fig. 1: Furca of Proisotoma buddenbrocki collected from Loch Laidon in June 1980 by J.M. Nelson. The manubrium (man) has 1+1 ventral setae (large *) and the ventral side of the dens has five setae (small *). The mucro has two teeth.

Fig. 2: Foot of leg 3 of the same specimen of Proisotoma buddenbrocki shown in Fig. 1. emp, empodium.

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