(332PPbin) Pseudanurophorus binoculatus (Kseneman, 1934 )

Pseudanurophorus binoculatus is a tiny (0.5 mm) species which does not possess a furca. It is predominantly white with scattered patches of black pigment. The eyes each have a single ocellus (Fig. 1) (hence binoculatus). Pseudanurophorus binoculatus was found in some numbers in Festuca grassland at Moor House National Nature Reserve by Murphy throughout 1953 and 1954. There are several of Murphy's specimens in good condition in the NHML slide collection. The other records are from acidic leaf litter under Scots Pine and Beech trees.




Fig. 1: Post-antennal organ (PAO) and ocellus of Pseudanurophorus binoculatus collected from Ash Gill in March 1953 by D.H. Murphy.

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