(361BOvir) Bourletiella viridescens (Stach, 1920)

This species is not represented by any specimens in the BMNH, and the few literature references (from upland grasslands) to it were dismissed as unproven by Steve Hopkin, who excluded it from the UK list.  However, since this species is widespread in Europe in a variety of habitats and has attained pest status in Australia, it would be surprising if it were altogether missing from the UK.  Its primary habitat appears to be cool/montane grassland, occurring up to 1700m in the alps.  In August 2009 Tim Ransom photographed a green sminthurid at 900m in the Cairngorms that appears to match the description of this species, and has been kind enough to permit them to be reproduced here (Figs. 1,2 )  The source images remain copyright and may be seen here.  It inspired the icon for the Scottish Invertebrate Newsletter (Fig. 3).




This photograph shows a probably Bourletiella viridescens, taken by Tim Ransom 12 Aug 2009, at 900m elevation, Creaghan Dubh, Cairngorms.

The icon of Scottish Invertebrate News is based on Tim Ransom's photo of Bourletiella ?viridescens.

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