(363DEbic) Deuterosminthurus bicinctus (Koch, 1840)

*cinctus (Tullberg, 1871)
*flavus (Gisin, 1946)

Deuterosminthurus bicinctus is yellow with two large patches of violet pigment on the dorsal side. The morphology of Deuterosminthurus bicinctus is very similar to that of Deuterosminthurus pallipes. All setae on the outer side of the tibiotarsus of the third leg (leg3) are about the same length. In males, long specialised backward-pointing setae are not present at the posterior end of the sixth abdominal segment. In females, the setae surrounding the anus are all of similar thickness.
The species is moderately common and appears to be widely distributed although there are no records from Ireland.  There were none from Wales either until Peter Shaw collected some from Orielton FSC and from Bosherston lily ponds May 2011.  Given it was common in 2 vacuum samples 10km apart it's probably all over Pembrokeshire.




Map of Deuterosminthurus bicinctus, updated January 2013.

Deuterosminthurus bicinctus, from the USA (Photo (c) D Reed)

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