(369HScla) Heterosminthurus claviger (Gisin, 1958)

*craggi (Murphy, 1960)

Heterosminthurus claviger is almost identical in appearance to Heterosminthurus bilineatus. The only difference is in the males where the thickened setae between the eyes in Heterosminthurus claviger are paddle-shaped at the tip whereas in Heterosminthurus bilineatus they are pointed. Females of the two species cannot be separated.
Heterosminthurus claviger was recorded from Moor House National Nature Reserve (the green dot on the map) by D.H. Murphy (1960) as the new species Bourletiella (Heterosminthurus) craggi sp.n. (now regarded as a junior synonym of Heterosminthurus claviger). There are other literature records from Devon and Ireland but with no exact locality information so they are not mapped.  More recently the species has turned up twice in the Sheffield area, collected from pennine grassland by Paul Ardon and Peter Shaw.  It may well turn out to be widespread in pennine grasslands.




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