(3765Casup) Calvatomina superba

Calvatomina superba (3765Casup) 

Dicrytomina superba (Salmon, 1943)

Almost certainly an alien species, Collembola in the family Dicyrtomidae whose appearance match the description of Calvatomina superba have been found by Paul Ardron in Sheffield Botanic Gardens and in the Lost Gardens of Heligan.  Compare the photograph in Figure 1 with figure 2, from Salmon (1943).


The distribution map of Calvatomina superba shows Sheffield botanic gardens and the lost gardens of Heligan

Calvatomina superba photographs by Paul Ardron in Sheffield botanic gardens.


'Dicyrtomina superba' (now Calvatomina), from Salmon (1943) plate1.




Salmon, JT  (1943).  New records of Collembola from New Zealand with descriptions of new species.  part 2 - Symphypleona.  Transactions of the Royal Society of new Zealand  pp 1 - 12, plate 1.

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