(386 GIfla) Gisinianus flammeolus (Gisin, 1957)

Gisinianus flammeolus was described as a new species by Gisin (1957) from specimens collected from fern litter at Milnavie near Glasgow by Milne. The only other record is from Malham Tarn by Wood (1967). There are records from several European countries including France, Finland and Austria. However, there are no specimens in the NHML slide collection.
Gisinianus flammeolusis 0.7 mm in length and is a uniform yellow-brown to grey colour. The outer margin of the mucro is smooth and the inner margin is serrated. The long setae surrounding the anus of females are not expanded at the base. There are two ventral subapical setae on the dens. The fourth antennal segment (ant4) is not subdivided.
The species is known from wet and dry leaf litter, rotten wood and flower pots. It will surely turn up in many more localities.



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