(416 SYmul) Sphyrotheca multifasciata (Reuter, 1881)

Sphyrotheca multifasciatahas only been recorded by Bagnall from hothouses at Oxford Botanic Gardens and Hylton, Durham in the early 20th century. It is present in heated locations in many countries and is obviously introduced. This attractively marked species reaches 1.3 mm in length. I have not discovered any specimens in the NHML slide collection so unfortunately have been unable to photograph the diagnostic characters.
The body and the head are covered in prominent blunt setae. The fourth antennal segment (ant4) is divided into ten subsegments and all the setae on the third antennal segment (ant3) are of similar length . The inner dorsal edge of the mucro is serrated but the outer edge is smooth. The female sub-anal appendages (SAA) are not branched at the tip. The empodium on the foot is similar in length to the claw and bears a lamella and a filament.
It seems likely that this species will turn up again in hothouses in Britain in view of the huge increase in the trading of tropical plants in recent years.



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