(249 CRbip) Cryptopygus bipunctatus (Axelson, 1903)

Cryptopygus bipunctatus is a scarce species characterised by the possession of an oval PAO with a single pigmented ocellus on each side of the head (Fig. 1). It is white (apart from the ocelli) and reaches a maximum length of 0.7 mm. The fifth (abd5) and sixth (abd6) abdominal segments are fused. The furca is longer than the head and the mucro has two teeth (Fig. 2). The dorsal side of abd5/6 has a single 'leaf-like' sensillum on either side of the midline (Fig. 3).
Cryptopygus bipunctatus is probably widespread but there are very few recent records for this species.



Fig. 1: Cryptopygus bipunctatus collected from Budleigh Salterton, Devon in October 1951 by D.H. Murphy. There is a single pigmented ocellus adjacent to the PAO.

Fig. 2: Furca of the same specimen of Cryptopygus bipunctatus shown in Fig. 1. The mucro (mu) has two teeth. d, dens.

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