(040/XLaca) Xenylla acauda (Gisin, 1947)

Records for Xenylla acauda suggest that it is confined to southwest England and Ireland. However there are so few specimens available that it is not possible to come to any firm conclusions regarding its distribution. Xenylla acauda is a small bluish grey species up to 0.7 mm in length. The eyes have 5+5 ocelli and the post-antennal organ (PAO) and furca are absent. There are two tiny anal spines (Fig. 1). Records to date are from dry coastal habitats. According to Arne Fjellberg, the species should be looked for in sandy beach meadows.




Map Xenylla acauda
Anal spines of Xenylla acauda

Figure 1: Anal spines (as) of Xenylla acauda collected from Land's End, Cornwall in May 1975 by Peter Lawrence. D, dorsal; V, ventral.

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