(060/NNmus) Neanura muscorum (Templeton, 1835)

*tuberculata (Nicolet. 1842)

Neanura muscorum is a very common purple or lilac species (Fig. 2) which is widespread in Britain and Ireland. The eyes are highly distinctive and have 3+3 ocelli with two anterior ocelli and one in a posterior position (Fig. 1). Neanura muscorum is found in all seasons; there are several records from under snow.



Map Neanura muscorum
Head of Neanura muscorum

Fig. 1: Head of Neanura muscorum collected from Far Fell, Cumbria in June 1943 by Bagnall. There are three ocelli on each side of the head. The first (1) and second (2) ocelli are close together in an anterior position. The third ocellus (3) is posterior to the anterior pair.

Neanura muscorum

Fig. 2: Neanura muscorum (3.0 mm in length) collected from a garden in Reading, Berkshire where it was very common.

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