(061/PUsex) Paranura sexpunctata (Axelson, 1902)

Paranura sexpunctata is a relatively large white collembolan (up to 2.5 mm in length) which has 3+3 ocelli but no furca or post-antennal organ (PAO). Fjellberg (1998) says it is found under bark of dead trees. However the presence of this species in Britain is not definite as the only records (by Bagnall (1939) as Paranura sexpunctata v. clavisetis with apparently only 2+2 ocelli) are not convincing. There are no specimens in the NHML collection. Bagnall (1939) wrote 'I identified this species as far back as 1910 and completely forgot about it until, turning over some old material, I discovered the remnants (one example recognisable) of the original specimens'. Thus although Paranura sexpunctata may turn up in future, its presence in Britain and Ireland is not certain at present.




Map Paranura sexpunctata
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