(062/YUaph) Yuukianura aphoruroides (Yosii, 1953)

Yuukianura aphoruroides was found in considerable numbers in earthworm-rearing beds at Rothamsted Experimental Research Station in Hertfordshire in 1983 (Greenslade & Fletcher 1986). In life, the species reaches 2.0 mm in length and is salmon pink in colour but this fades to white in 70% alcohol. There are 3+3 ocelli on the head. Unfortunately, the worm beds at Rothamsted have since been dismantled so it may be extinct in the UK. However, this species (possibly introduced from The Philippines) should be looked for in compost, glasshouses, garden centres, and other similar sites protected from frost such as the Eden Project in Cornwall. It may turn up again.




Map Yuukianura aphoruroides
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