(076/MIfor) Micranurida forsslundi (Gisin, 1949)

*conjuncta Murphy, 1960

Micranurida forsslundi is a little-known, soil-dwelling species which reaches 1.0 mm in length. The few records are from waterlogged and/or acidic sites. It is white, blind, has no anal spines and the furca is absent. The post-antennal organ (PAO) has from 8 to 14 lobes (Fig. 1). The dorsal side of the body is covered in coarse granules, some of which are arranged in discrete patches (Fig. 2). The mouthparts are reduced and the species is probably adapted for feeding on a liquid or semi-liquid diet.




Map Micranurida forsslundi
PAO with 14 lobes of Micranurida forsslundi

Fig. 1: PAO with 14 lobes of Micranurida forsslundi collected from Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland in July 1971 by Peter Lawrence.

Micranurida forsslundi

Fig. 2: Composite photo of Micranurida forsslundi of 1.0 mm in length collected from Silwood Park, Berkshire in May 1955 by D. Goodhue.

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