(083/PCcor) Pseudachorutes corticicolus (Schäffer, 1896)

Pseudachorutes corticicolus (note - not corticolus) reaches 1.5 mm in length and is characterised by having pointed setae on the abdomen and a single clavate seta on each tibiotarsus. The only specimen of Pseudachorutes fitting this description in the NHML was collected by Peter Lawrence from Clare, Eire in 1960. Although the animal is in several bits on the slide, and is labelled 'Pseudachorutes boerneri', it is possible to see that each tibiotarsus possesses a single clavate seta, so is mapped as Pseudachorutes corticicolus. However the genus Pseudachorutes is in need of revision and we desperately need further fresh specimens to clarify which taxa are present. The literature records were made by Shoebotham (1911), Brown (1923), Gough (1972) and Miles (1998).




Map Pseudachorutes corticicolus
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