Froggy's Little Brother by "Brenda"

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Brenda was a pseudonym for Georgina Castle Smith (nee Meyrick). She produced a total of 23 books during her 59-year writing career, many of which were for children or young adults.

Froggy's Little Brother is a street-arab tale, a genre popular with many mid to late nineteenth-century authors and exemplified by Hesba Stretton in Jessica's First Prayer (1867).

The story follows the trials of seven-year-old Froggy, who strives to care for his younger brother, Benny, after their parents' deaths. The boys face starvation in their Shoreditch attic room and Benny finally dies. Froggy is 'rescued' by a philanthropic doctor and taken to a boys' home.

Froggy's Little Brother remains an important text for its depiction of East End of London poverty.

Bibliographical record

Author:"Brenda" A pseudonym for Georgina Castle Smith (nee Meyrick), 1845-1934
Title:Froggy's Little Brother
Publisher:London: John F. Shaw, 1875


Chapter one - The better landChapter two - The return from Epsom
Chapter three - Froggy as breadwinnerChapter four - Supperless
Chapter five - Mac's visitChapter six - Froggy goes out with Mac
Chapter seven - Froggy writes to the QueenChapter eight - The policeman's visit
Chapter nine - Benny loses his playmatesChapter 10 - Froggy calls at Buckingham Palace
Chapter 11 - Benny has "The Staggers"Chapter 12 - The parish doctor
Chapter 13 - "Oh call my brother back again!"Chapter 14 - Froggy comforted

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