Little Cousins by "Brenda"

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Published three years after the first of the ‘Lotty’ books, Little Cousins reverses the location of Lotty’s Visit to Grandmama; Georgie comes to London from the seaside to stay with her city cousin. The girls take trips to Madame Tussauds and the Zoological Gardens, are entertained by Uncle William and Lotty is duly punished when she is disobedient and causes injury to her baby sister. However, much of the text is concerned with portraits of the children at play and there is a particularly notable episode when Lotty and Georgie, mimicking the behaviour of “ladies coming to see babies”, discuss the growth of babies’ teeth, sleeping habits and the advisability of certain sorts of food (p.63).  Overt didactic intent is evident in the latter pages of the story when the girls take “pretty things” (193) to the children’s hospital and so implicitly emulate the philanthropic behaviour of their nineteenth-century middle-class elders.

Bibliographical record

Author:"Brenda" A pseudonym for Georgina Castle Smith (nee Meyrick), 1845-1934
TitleLittle Cousins or Georgie's Visit to Lotty
PublisherLondon: John F. Shaw, 1880



Front cover, flysheets and contents pageChapter one - Georgie's Invitation
Chapter two - Georgie's ArrivalChapter three - Santa Claus
Chapter four - Uncle William's TreatChapter five - Lotty's Birthday
Chapter six - Home AgainIllustrations

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