Cultural Politics on Tour

This module examines theories of cultural production, consumption, domination and resistance. This is framed around cultural politics debates and case studies. What do we do with our leisure time at home and abroad and how has this been regulated? How are culture and heritage managed and manipulated, exhibited and contested? What new cultural scripts and performances are developing on our modern streets? To answer these questions, we take cultural politics on tour and use a range of interdisciplinary materials that engage with the effects of globalization and transnationalism on cultural processes, and the role of performance in understandings of the body, gender and race. Topics covered include: culture, migration and deradicalisation; traditional Masquerade, carnival culture and urban street protest; the traditional ghost dance, modern club culture and their state regulation; choreographing tour guiding in contested conflict zones; romance tourism, tango and the subaltern politics of intimacy; disaster zones, voyeurism and dark tourism; speech-writing, resistance and hate crimes; staging zoo tourism and performing post-human heritage.

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