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Programme Details 2016-2017

Graduate Study Abroad Catalogue (for Graduate Study Abroad Students only)

Level 7

You will take up to 60 UK credits worth of modules during your semester with us, which will likely be comprised of three 20 UK credit classes. Choose the modules that will suit you and your degree best by browsing the study abroad module catalogue below. Once you have decided, please include your module selection with your application. All module offerings are subject to availability and timetabling.

For further information please contact Roehampton Abroad on roehamptonabroad@roehampton.ac.uk or call +44 (0) 208 392 5009.

Choose your area of interest:


Compulsory and Required modules
Compulsory and/or required modules may change when we review and update programmes. Below is a list of modules offered this academic year.

Optional modules
Optional modules, when offered as part of a programme, may vary from year to year and are subject to viability.


RBP020L018A or V - Organisations and the Business Environment
RBP020L022A or V - International Financial Management
RBP020L023A - International Management and Human Resource Management
RBP020L025A - Managing Projects

RBP020L011S or V - Cross Cultural Management
¬RBP020L012 - Entrepreneurship
RBP020L014S - Managing Ethics and Professional Issues


DRA020L316A - Stages of Terror
DRA020L355S - Performance, Gender and Sexuality
DRA020L373A - Theatre Criticism
DRA020L378A - Performing Failure
DRA020L379A - Performing Non-Fiction: Biographical Performance

DRA020L366S - Drama of the 60s Counter-culture
DRA020L367S - Race Writes Representation
DRA020L369S - Shakespeare and Contemporary Performance
DRA020L388S - Food and Performance


CHL020L201A - Critical and Theoretical Perspectives [part of CHL040L231]
CRW020L901A - Fiction for Young Readers [part of CRW040L428Y]

¬CRW020L902 - Fiction for Young Readers [part of CRW040L428Y]
¬CHL020L232 - Screening the Child


HUR020L509S - Human Rights Research Methods
HUR020L512S - International Human Rights and Criminal Law
HUR020L518S - International Development and Human Rights


FSC040L001A - Screen Cultures of London
FSC020L002A - Cult and Quality Television
MCS020L013A - Global Media and Communications
MCS020L018S - Media and Memory

FSC040L003S - Essay Films and Video Essays
FSC020L004S - Transnational Cinemas from the Multiplex to the Web
¬MCS020L012 - Identity, Travel and Culture

Module annotations:
¬ - module not available in 2016-2017.

a) Each module code consists of a three-letter module prefix denoting the programme it belongs to (eg JOU020L403S = Journalism Studies), the following three digits refer to its credit value (eg JOU020L403S = 20 credits), the single letter in the middle (eg JOU020L403S) denotes the module level (L = Level 7), the last three digits denote its unique number (eg JOU020L403S), and the final letter denotes its suffix (eg JOU020L403S). The suffixes indicate the following: A - Autumn term, S - Spring term, H Summer term/Summer intensive mode and Y - All year.

b) Individual module details can be viewed by clicking on each module code or using the "View all modules" link below for a complete list of module assessments and descriptions. Where an assessment has more than one component all elements must be passed, unless individual module assessment details state otherwise.

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