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Other People

Silent judgement on a child, the aftermath of heartbreak, the layers of a night on the town, and the complexity of one's own twin…the people around us affect what we do and how we perceive ourselves. In this first section, our writers explore pain and laughter.
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Lock 250x168


'Lost: unable to find one's way' is what it says in the dictionary. But the word conjures so much more. A man loses himself in his marriage; a woman is nearly lost on her way home; hope is lost in a lavender field, and what of a single fish…
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Everything 250x168


What happens when two energies come together? What do they smell like? How do they sound? What do they feel? In Duet, our writers explore all kinds of couples and what they do together: love, grieve, play on the bus and at the fairground…
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Shadow Kids 250x168


A young girl in a post-apocalyptic world; a daughter dispassionately watches her father come home; a vivid account of London life; an old woman hoarder. Each piece in this section has the potential to echo in the reader's mind, to linger in their peripheral vision…
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Female skin and celebration; a single man's defiance in front of his son; the particular notes of a Geordie accent; family, dancing in the street. This final section is plush, vivid, boastful. These characters take chances. They claim themselves.
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Other People: Legs, by Susan Greenberg
Lost: Lock, by Susan Greenberg
Duet: 3 for 2, by Susan Greenberg
Ghosts: Shadow Kids, by Ruth Wade Kwakwa
Lush: Tomatoes, by Ruth Wade Kwakwa

Welcome to Roehampton Writes

Our web magazine showcases the best work produced by the University of Roehampton's Creative Writing BA and MA/MRes students. It gives them real-life experience of being published, and a chance to build a portfolio of work.

As in most years, the 2012 Summer edition is devoted to the winners of our writing contest. Each year, the Department of English and Creative Writing runs a competition to celebrate Creative Writing Day. The winners are trained in public performance, and give their first professional reading at a formal soiree hosted by the university; their work is then published on Roehampton Writes.

During 2012 we had a bumper competition, with 143 entries. Unusually, most of it was by first-year students. Nineteen special writers made the final cut. Why? On reflection, they all seemed to have a very particular thing in common. Guts. Moxy. Courage. Whether they were writing fiction about strange and beautiful twins, exploring bad decisions on a late night out, recounting family celebrations involving ticks and ferrets, rewriting E.E Cummings, or just killing fish, this group was devoted to the details of emotional truth. Much of the edition is dark; some of it is refreshingly silly. But we believe that something here will make you pause, and think.

Only one of the ways to define 'good' writing.

Edition editor, Leone Ross
Editor-in-Chief, Susan Greenberg


Hark The Herald Angel: Steph Vickers
Look At All The Lonely People: Jo Schinas
Barcelona Night: Sandra Williamson

The End of the Pier: Nicholas Elliott
Fishy: Hedda Estensen
W.K Dead: Lillie Flawn-Powell
Lavender Fields: Emma Strand

Sonnet 1 & Sonnet 2: Amy Austen
Light: Nanou Blair Gould
Thumb Wars: Stiina Honkavaara 
From '39 Measures of Absence': Toni Dipple 
Fairground Kaleidescope: Lewis Spratt 

Ava: Fredrik Walloe
The Lost Doll: Hyasica Madhow
On The Ghosts: Anna Mackenzie 
Lost In Utensils: Karoline Moen Vembre 

My Slut's Lofty with Solid Plump Eggs: Hedda Estensen
Wide Open: Jack Charter
Lunar Effect: Louise Young
Vanity: Hedda Estensen 
Tick-Tock: Amy Austen

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