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Roehampton University London Stravinsky the Global Dancer: A Chronology of Choreography to the Music of Igor Stravinsky
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Pointing to the Future.
Readers of the database are warmly invited to submit further information, corrections to and additional data on existing entries, also details for new entries. We request that data is mailed to us in hard copy, in the form of xeroxed programmes and/or reviews and it must include the following as minimum data for making an entry: name of dance/ballet, name of choreographer(s), name of piece or pieces of music, year of premiere. Please check the full record format for the range of data fields that we use.

Information should be mailed to:
Professor Stephanie Jordan (Stravinsky database),
Department of Dance
University of Roehampton
Roehampton Lane,
SW15 5PJ.

E-mail attachments including scanned programmes or reviews are also welcome: to stravinsky@roehampton.ac.uk


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